How to change linksys router name and password ?

ANS. You can change the name and password by going in the linksys router page for that login with your credentials and click on wireless settings.

what is the IP address of my router ? linksys Router setup

ANS. You can find the IP address of you router under network connections.

I forgot the password of my linksys router? linksys Router setup

ANS. No problem, if you forgot the password of your linksys router simply reset the router and do the setup process again.

How can i upgrade my router firmware? linksys Router setup

ANS. You need to be in the router page for that open www.linksyssmartwifi.com and under administration you will see firmware upgrade so click on it and it will upgrade the firmware of your router to the latest version. Make sure you don not unplug the router while it is upgrading.

Need help in flashing DD-WRT firmware on your router?

ANS. You can visit www.ddwrtsetup.com and talk to direct support.

How can i change username and password for my linksys router?

ANS. You have to login in your router first. Then click on wireless and change the username and password.

What is the default username and password?

ANS. Default username and password is admin .

What can i do with help of parental control?

ANS. You will have the full control on what you want to be working online or when you need the router to give internet access. For example you block websites that you think are not good for children or you can also schedule the time you want your kids using the internet.


My power light color is blue is it stable?

ANS. Yes, solid blue means your router is stable.

Is roku tv and kodi tv compatible with linksys router?

ANS. Yes, roku tv and kodi tv is supported by linksys router.

Im not able to cascade two linksys routers?

ANS. You need to setup your main router first.It should be working.Then the secondary router should powered up and connected to your computer hard wire from Ethernet port(1,2,3,4) to the computer then access the router page using router IP For example( , .Complete the setup and then just go to network settings of router change the IP address (from to and enable DHCP server. Then connect the Ethernet cable from main router port number 4 to secondary router’s Ethernet port. Power cycle your router.

How to restore admin password of linksys?

ANS. Reset the router by pressing and holding the reset button for 30 seconds and Configure the router again and choose the password.

My router power light keeps blinking?

ANS. You can follow these steps for troubleshooting –

1. Your Router should be directly plugged in to a wall socket.(don’t use surge protector or extension cord).
2.Power cycle your router and modem as well.
3.if problem still persists reset your router with the help of a paper clip and wait for at least 2-3 minutes and reconfigure your router with fresh settings.
4.kindly check for the firmware status it might be corrupted that can be the reason behind the blinking power light.
For any help feel free to chat with our technicians online.

How do i change my guest name and password?

ANS. You need to open router page and click on guest account there you will find aal the settings you want so change it and apply the settings.

What is guest network?

ANS. Guest network is a alternate network for any relatives or friends that visit your home.

What is vpn?

ANS. Virtual Private Network is way to increase security and privacy to private and public networks, like public hotspots and the Internet. VPNs are most often used by corporations to protect sensitive data.

My internet is working slow after installing router?

ANS. Please reset your router and power cycle the modem and after that check and install new firmware upgrade.

I want secure my network which is the best security to go with?

ANS.There are option that you can choose in security options for better network security.

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