Reset Linksys Router to Default Factory Settings

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Whenever your router stops working or doesn’t give Wi-Fi signals you switch it off like other router users. The reason for this is that it starts working like previously. Have you ever thought why you need repeating this? Or why router starts working like new one. Well, if you are searching answer for this query then we have an answer for you in our today blog. All routers are like little computers. They make use of a processor, memory & an operating system. It clearly indicates routers also benefit from a brand new start from time to time. On the other hand, Routers get assign an IP address as an address to your devices.

IP address that your devices make use of, gets changed at any time. When a router becomes unable to catch them, network connection gets out of order. This is the time when your router needs a quick reboot & gets benefit from it. Today, we reset the router to its default factory settings Linksys router login.  Let’s get started now.

Steps to Reset Linksys Router

  •    Hold & press router reset button for about 10 seconds.
  •    Resetting router to its default factory setting will also reset router password. So, in case you try accessing router after default factory, your customized router password will not work.
  •    Every Linksys router reset button, vary as per its model number. Old Linksys router model requires pressing the reset button for 30 seconds. While the new one only requires 10 seconds.

Linksys router login

Reset Linksys Router

  •    Open a web browser, for Linksys router login.
  •    Enter into a web browser address bar & press enter.
  •    Type Router default password. Just in case, you have changed password earlier, enter the customized one.
  •    The default password is admin. You are now on router’s web-based setup page.
  •    Click on Tab of Administration & Next click Sub-Tab of Factory Defaults.

Linksys router login

  •    Tick Restore Factory Defaults Push button, in Factory Defaults segment.

Linksys router login

  •    After you reset Linksys router to its default settings, Re-configure Linksys router as per your preferred internet settings.
  •    You will notice blinking of LED light for few seconds just after reset. In case, LED doesn’t become solid after some time then you need Powercycle the router.

To know more about Powercycle of Linksys router place call to our Experts. Or if you have any doubt or question regarding above topic do contact team right away. Our experts have enough knowledge regarding routers & extenders common issues. Even if you face difficulty, while Linksys router login place calls on toll-free Number. Our team work around the clock. We also have an option of a Live chat window, for live interaction with the team. Drop your comment or feedback, on comment box for early replies.

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